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Engineering Department - Mechanical Design

The engineering department at Magoz provides you with a variety of design and development services for complex products production that combine mechanical, electrical, pneumatic assemblies, optical systems and more.

Among the department’s services: robotics design, optics, electronic packaging, medical products, RF systems, moving mechanisms, automation systems, strength analyzes, thermal analyzes and more – all while emphasizing various optimization aspects including strength maximization, weight reduction, reduction of parts and minimization The costs.

Work process:

  • Formulation of requirements specifications
  • Start-up meeting – KOM
  • Market research and information gathering
  • Concept Formulation – SDR
  • Preliminary planning – PDR
  • Advanced Design – CDR
  • Prototype / demonstration production
  • Preparation of a production portfolio for the product
  • Production and production
  • Assembling the product
  • Tests, experiments and lectures
Product Design Department

Our designers trust the definition of the user experience and the interaction with the product at all stages. Defining the user experience and interaction, developing a formal and morphological style that serves the usability and formulating a coveted appearance into an aesthetic and accurate product.

Work process:

  • Characterization of the design requirements
  • Inspirational research and collection of references
  • Characterization of the product environment and its operating scenarios
  • Morphological research (formal)
  • Defines the location of the key components in the product volume
  • Formulation of design concepts in manual, computerized or three-dimensional illustration.
  • Creating initial tangible models to illustrate the forms
  • Tightening the design solution
  • Mechanical design according to a three-dimensional model: product design, shells, envelopes and contents.
  • Rendering 3D – Create hyper-realistic images of the product.
Production and assembly department

The production department at Magoz will accompany your product portfolio from the end of the planning stage to the receipt of the product, all while maintaining the quality of the product, the manner of functioning and meeting the schedules. The department provides you with our manufacturers in Israel and around the world in order to bring you the best products. In addition, the department manages assembly processes ranging from a single product to large series.

work process:

  • Creating a production portfolio – BOM
  • Choice between manufacturers in Israel and around the world according to the needs of the product.
  • Exit to prototype production or first series.
  • Quality control for the first products
  • Transfer to mass production
The most advanced technologies in the world

The production department offers you a variety of processing, production and finishing technologies of the most advanced type:

  • CNC
  • Tin processing
  • 3D printing
  • Plastic injection
  • Vacuum Casting
  • Sand Casting
  • Wax castings
  • Thermo Forming / Vacuum Forming
  • dyehouse
  • Coatings
  • Thermal treatments
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